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May 22, 2024


Master epic April Fools' Day tricks with your favourite toons

Master epic April Fools' Day tricks with your favourite toons

29 March, 2024 12:52 PM


Chandigarh : Ever dreamed of pulling off epic pranks like your favourite Sony YAY! toons? This April Fools’ Day, get ready for laughter, delightful surprises, and maybe even a little mess (but all in good fun, of course) With some inspiration from your favourite toons, you're guaranteed to create a day filled with laughter and unforgettable memories. Channel your inner mischief-maker like Honey Bunny, become a master of disguise like Karate Sheep, or sneak up on someone like Oggy. So, unleash your inner prankster and have some side-splitting fun with these awesome toon tricks.


Master Practical Jokes with Honey & Bunny

Honey & Bunny are the OG Jholers. They might "borrow" your favourite hat (without asking), but they'll always return it with a smile. Remember how Honey turned the swimming pool into a bathtub with just soap? Or how Bunny fooled Popat with a paint gun? So, this April Fools’ Day, take a page out of the playbook of these mischievous brothers and have fun. Their playful pranks are all about laughs, so keep it light-hearted and silly.


Disguise Like a Pro With Karate Sheep

Ever wanted to be a master of disguise? Look no further than Karate Sheep. Just like Piddi, who uses clever costumes to surprise his friends (and sometimes even the wolf), you can create a playful prank with a simple disguise. Throw on a funny mask, grab an unexpected outfit from your closet, or even borrow your sibling's hat – the key is to surprise someone you love with a friendly scare and a good laugh.


Learn Sneaky Surprises with Oggy

Think you're good at hide and seek? Let’s put it to the test. Whether the cockroaches raid his fridge, or they draw on his face while he sleeps at night, Oggy always ends up getting a nasty surprise from his tiny rivals. This April Fools' Day, turn the tables and hide some harmless fake bugs (spiders work too) around the house. When your friends or family least expect it, they'll come face-to-face with a creepy crawler, sending them scrambling around swatting just like Oggy, all in good fun.

~Tune into Sony YAY! and celebrate April Fools’ Day with your favourite toons~

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