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June 13, 2024


Amity University Punjab embraces graduating class of 2024 with grand farewell

Amity University Punjab embraces graduating class of 2024 with grand farewell

22 May, 2024 01:59 PM


Mohali: Amity University Punjab recently hosted a dazzling farewell event to honor its graduating class of 2024, a night filled with elegance, excitement, and a dash of theatrical charm. The theme was all about looking classy, like wearing tuxedos and tiaras. Students, teachers, and special guests all came together to remember the journey of the leaving students.


The festivities commence with a warm reception for the outgoing students, who received playful titles and Amity badges in a nod to tradition. The air buzzed with anticipation as their juniors captivated the audience with lively performances, showcasing a medley of dance styles including bhangra, gidda, fusion, freestyle, and drama, seasoned with a sprinkle of nostalgia and a generous dose of drama and ended with a fun band performance.


Adding to the jubilant ambiance, popular radio personality RJ Kashish graced the occasion. With infectious energy, the RJs engaged with the students, fostering an atmosphere of mirth and camaraderie, ensuring that their final moments at Amity University Punjab were filled with laughter and fond reminiscence.


One of the most memorable parts of the evening was when the graduating students walked on the stage gracefully, recalling their time at the university and thanking their teachers and friends from the bottom of their hearts. The evening reached its climax with the crowning of Mr. and Miss Amity University Punjab. Yavrika was honored with the title of Miss Amity University Punjab, while Inderpreet received the title of Mr. Amity University Punjab. Other students were also recognized with titles like Ms. Style Icon for Priyanshi Arora, Mr. Style Icon for Adnan Rashid, Ms. Diva for Gurpreet Kaur, Mr. Handsome Dude for Parv Tejay, Ms. Rising Star for Mitali Gupta, and Mr. Rising Star for Leshraj Dongre. Esteemed individuals such as Dr. Shivali Dhingra, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Humanities, Dr. Chanderdeep Tandon, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, and Mr. Sahil Kapoor, Associate Director of Business Development and Marketing, presented these honors to the deserving winners.


As tokens of appreciation, each student received a special gift from the university, symbolizing gratitude for their contributions and recognizing their dedication throughout their academic journey.


The farewell party continued with a dazzling PTC Star Night with Gurnam Bhullar and many remarkable singers:

  1. Pranjal Dahiya
  2. Kamal Khan
  3. Mannat Noor
  4. Mahi Sharma
  5. Savi Kahlon
  6. Nikital Puri
  7. Pargat Dullewal


With immense pride and confidence in their potential to make a positive impact in their respective fields, Amity University Punjab bids farewell to the Class of 2024. The event not only marked the culmination of their university tenure but also served as a poignant celebration of their achievements, bonds, and cherished memories.


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