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July 20, 2024


Find out which of your favourite toon would be your perfect Holi companion

23 March, 2024 12:27 PM

 Chandigarh : Ever wondered how you can celebrate the festival of colours with your favourite toons? Dodge those pichkaris like Naruto and prank your friends with gulaal just like Honey Bunny. Grab your water guns, fill your buckets with colours and let’s find out how you can celebrate Holi with the craziest bunch in town - the Sony YAY! toons.

Unleash your inner OG Jholers

This Holi, team up with the OG Jholers as you plot who should be the target of your colour filled buckets. Can you imagine what pranks would they pull? Honey and Bunny would definitely outsmart others with water balloons filled with mud. Popat is sure to ‘accidentally’ spill gulaal on you, turning you into a walking rainbow. This Holi, get ready for even more goofy pranks, surprise attacks with colours and laughter that erupts like fireworks!




Play water tag with Naruto

Holi just got way cooler with ninja-themed water tag. Imagine your backyard transformed into an obstacle course. With this Naruto Shippuden-inspired game of water tag, you and your friends will dodge, duck, and dive like real ninjas, soaking each other with those pichkaris. Let Naruto’s ninja way lead your celebrations and find out who will be the last ninja standing.


Spend a lazy afternoon with Oggy

After the vibrant Holi celebration with friends, it's time to unwind and embrace the lazy afternoon with Oggy. Even though he is always chasing after the mischievous cockroaches with his swatter, Oggy knows how to relax. Picture yourself lounging on the couch, just like your favourite blue cat. Make the most of a peaceful afternoon with some sweet lassi and ghujiya after the colourful Holi bash.

~Tune into Sony YAY! and celebrate Holi with your favourite toons~

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